Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Annual maintenance contracts are executed for operative machinery, equipment and physical appliances.

While the machinery, equipment or appliance gets released of warranty, the manufacturer initiates proposal for an AMC which becomes like an extended warranty with fresh terms.

If the customer calls a service engineer every time as an independent call for a breakdown or preventive maintenance, it turns out to be expensive.

AMC proves to be an economical option for the customer.

Annual Maintenance Contract signed between a customer and product manufacturer / service center allows regular checkups and routine work to keep the performance and quality of the products in good condition every year.

Types of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs):

  • Depending upon the product you own, product manufacturer / service center offer different types of AMC contracts.
  • You can choose the contract based on your regular product usage requirement and the stress it undergoes.

The most common types of AMCs are:

  • Comprehensive+ labor AMC.
  • Labor only AMC.
  • Labor + spare parts to a fixed amount.
  • AMC with rubber and plastic parts.
  • AMC without rubber and plastic parts.
  • AMC with chemical.
  • AMC without chemical.
  • AMC only Supervision

Advantages of registering for amc

Annual Maintenance Contract:
  • Saves from unexpected repairs and avoids cost for these repairs
  • Round the clock service from qualified technicians
  • Planned services for your products
  • Genuine spare parts for high reliability